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Why great photos are a lifeline for your business success on Google?

Every day there are 3.5 Billion Google searches, nearly half are searches for a nearby business or service. OCUS partners with companies to create great photos of banks, retailers, car dealerships and restaurants. These photos are key for businesses to succeed in local Google searches. Marketing folks understand SEO, but most don’t understand how authentic, local photos help them stand out on Google to attract, engage and win...

Breaking Barriers and Embracing Inclusivity in Tech

1. What made you interested in tech? Leela: I didn’t necessarily choose to be in tech. I have always had an affinity for computers and technology. In high school, I took a computer science class that I really enjoyed, but my academic career led me to psychology and behavioral economics. Through this route, I ended up as a UX researcher here at OCUS. Coley: I grew up in the Silicon Valley in California, so I saw firsthand the opportunities...

How did we break the Product Vision Paradox?

We did it! I am proud to say that at OCUS, we now have a Product Vision for the next three years. It may not be perfect (yet), but at least we know where we are heading, and it changes everything for Engineering. First, let's backup Ten years ago, I discovered Product Management and fell in love with this new job. It brought me closer to the spirit of being an entrepreneur and building digital product. Learning how to become the best Product...

What's in a term? A terminology standardization process

Let's set the scene: I'm brand new as the first Product Documentalist at a promising scale-up. As I attend trainings and initial meetings, I hear a million terms (to be expected). It didn't take long for me to realize, however, that different departments used different terms to refer to the same thing, plus a single term could sometimes refer to different things for different people. We discussed over a dozen terms during this iteration. For the...

Forward Thinkers in Focus: Yemeksepeti

As borders begin to open and business travel slowly picks up, OCUS is excited to be able to finally step away from zoom calls and meet clients face to face, some even for the first time. Last month our team had the opportunity to visit Istanbul and catch up with Yemeksepeti.  Founded in 2001, Yemeksepeti is a leading quick commerce platform in Turkey. With over 60,000 restaurants and small business partners, Yemeksepeti delivers to more than 25...

3 Photography Trends To Make Your Products Stand Out

Quality images of your product not only help your brand maintain a strong visual identity and create a captivating story, but also play a big part in expanding your reach, driving conversion, and turning your website browsers into buyers. The bar has been raised in terms of visual content expectations. As consumers have an endless array of options regarding their next purchase, it is essential to stay up to date with current photography trends in...

4 Benefits of Using Professional Real Estate Photographers

In today’s competitive real estate market, showcasing properties online is a must. However, an agent’s best friend who owns the latest Android is not the ideal candidate to photograph a home. Although it may be tempting to quickly snap pictures on a phone and upload them online, investing in professional photography will result in long-term success. With 93 percent of US homebuyers starting their search online, photos and virtual tours are the...

How Custom Imagery May Become an Essential Ingredient for the Online Grocery Segment to Stay Competitive

If you live in Paris, London, New York City, or practically any other major urban center, you’ve probably learned to share the sidewalk, begrudgingly or not, with more and more bikes and scooters shuttling groceries to online shoppers. Stocking up for the week with groceries purchased online – and even pulling together ingredients for a same-day meal – is shifting from pandemic-era necessity to habit.  The past year has seen explosive growth...

Q&A: The OCUS API for Imagery Platform™ Explained

For companies that specialize in eCommerce, online food and grocery delivery, real-estate, and B2C products sold via digital visual merchandising, custom photo and video content dramatically increases engagement, brand loyalty, and sales. It sounds simple (and it can be) but for most enterprise-class companies, scaling up photoshoots, optimizing image performance, and reducing operational costs can be a major challenge.  Producing powerful...

Driving Restaurant Orders with Visuals on Google

Think back to the last time you were hungry but couldn’t decide what restaurant you wanted to order from. Did you automatically take out your phone and do a quick Google search? If so, you’re not alone. In the last five years, searches for “restaurants near me” have increased 900%. Google has become an essential resource for foodies to find and order from the best restaurants in their area. As such, Google My Business, also known as GMB, has...

OCUS Case Study: Boosting Image Quality and Consistency for Radisson Hotels

Summer is here. As Covid cases fall and the number of vaccinated people rises, hospitality companies are gearing up for a busy season. Large brands like Radisson Hotel Group, which operates in 115 countries, have managed to expand their portfolios to help meet demand. “Even in adverse times, we signed 42 new hotels with 7,500 rooms in EMEA and 84 hotels in APAC,” said Elie Younes, the company’s executive vice president and chief development...