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Why great photos are a lifeline for your business success on Google?

Every day there are 3.5 Billion Google searches, nearly half are searches for a nearby business or service. OCUS partners with companies to create great photos of banks, retailers, car dealerships and restaurants. These photos are key for businesses to succeed in local Google searches. Marketing folks understand SEO, but most don’t understand how authentic, local photos help them stand out on Google to attract, engage and win...

It's all about creativity...

Originally from Belgium and now living in Arizona, I currently have six years of experience photographing businesses and people. Each day I'm discovering different cultures and connect with clients in a creative way... "Listen to what each client has to say, each person has their own story so make sure you can hear it in person." With OCUS I can be both creative and deliver consistent and qualitative visual. The team gives me flexibility on when...

OCUS Study Evaluates Fair Pay Rates for Freelance Photographers

Freelance photography is rewarding work. But the road to financial security via image making is not always an easy one. Statistics from recent studies highlight the challenges photographers face: 77% of photographers say they’re worried about their professional future, citing economic reasons and the inability to anticipate future assignments as a concern (Cereq / SAIF study, SCAM, 2019) 65% of photographers say they struggle to find...

A different tomorrow. Interview with Thibaud Lemonnier, CEO at OCUS.

Through its Charter, OCUS pledges to promote social dialogue, collective governance, fair price, and social protections for freelance photographers - a balanced model that will sustain self-employed photographers around the world. Thibaud Lemonnier, co-founder and CEO of OCUS, introduces us to the OCUS vision. What vision does OCUS have for the future of photography? Images are at the heart of our daily lives. They inform us, move us, embark us...

No bird soars too high...if it soars with insured wings.

As William Blake once said, “no bird soars too high, if it soars with its own wings”... It is no secret that every professional endeavour widely known to man comes with its personal baggage known as risks; whether it's the sort of risk that leaves you at a loss, vulnerable or just plain angry, one plans for the best, while possibly expecting the worst.  Our image creators facing the field For image creators i.e. photographers, and...

All spheres, one passion.

I was born in New York City and grew up in lower Manhattan’s iconic Greenwich Village. During the late 1960s, and well into the 1970s, the Village was a hotbed of culture and the arts. During this period, I was introduced to art and photography, developing an interest in what would become my lifelong passion.  While I took some photography courses in college I am primarily self-taught. Spanning the last four decades, I have learned, developed,...

Meet Tatchakrit Kantangkul, our OCUS star in Thailand!

We are feeling super excited to see how rapidly our market is growing in one of our favorite countries ever, Thailand! From the north to the gulf, we have the pleasure to be working with such great photographers and clients. When we think of Thailand, not only do we think of its beautiful landscapes or delicious food, but also its amazing people. It is a simple yet interesting fusion of influences perfectly merged into that very unique style. This...

4 tips to level up your corporate photography game!

©Pierre Moreau/ OCUS France Corporate photography is essential to showcase a company, know-how, or particular expertise. The images play a big part in building a business’ brand image, whether for their website or social media. How can you best meet a client’s corporate photography needs? Here are 4 tips to improve your corporate photography: 1- Showcase the office space with good framing Corporate photography is all about showcasing a...

"The Pathfinders": a Path to OCUS Collective Governance

OCUS Pathfinders is our governance committee. Our willingness to create a fair model for our community can't exist without a fair representation system. Composed by our community and OCUS team members, OCUS Pathfinders is here to insure our image creators point of view and visibility in our decision-making process. Each session is dedicated to a specific topic as issues faced by image professionals, their expectations and how we can be a solution for...

Oil, sheet metal and brake pads: the aesthetics of mechanics

Dimitri Djuric immerses us into the greasy and dusty world of Hackney's garages, focusing on details and materials to capture their charm. Similar to his architectural images in “Esthetique chantier,” he keeps his signature style for this series, which offers us a contemporary vision of garages in this London district.  Tell us about your career. How did photography become a means of expression? It was a hobby for a long time. My father is...