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Why great photos are a lifeline for your business success on Google?

Every day there are 3.5 Billion Google searches, nearly half are searches for a nearby business or service. OCUS partners with companies to create great photos of banks, retailers, car dealerships and restaurants. These photos are key for businesses to succeed in local Google searches. Marketing folks understand SEO, but most don’t understand how authentic, local photos help them stand out on Google to attract, engage and win...

OCUS Boosts Revenue in 19 Countries in 4 Weeks

OCUS™  is the proud partner of a food delivery platform that has risen to become a top market leader around the world. Initially, the organization had created strong brand awareness and a loyal customer base in the US. Once the brand achieved domestic success they set out to expand internationally. Their next stop: Europe. The Problem Just months after announcing plans to triple its workforce throughout Europe, the brand faced a significant...

Spotting Two Super Bowl Ads with the Same Stock Clip Underscores the Value of Custom Imagery

Watching Super Bowl ads is a hallowed American tradition, almost on par with watching the Big Game itself. For advertisers vying for attentive eyeballs, the goal is to tap into emotion with unique creative that, among other things, authentically reflects a brand’s identity.  Seeing Double  While advertisers typically steer clear of using stock imagery in high-profile Super Bowl spots, eagle-eyed viewers of this year’s game caught the same...

Food Delivery Trends and Opportunities in 2021

Prior to 2020, forecasts predicted exponential growth in the food delivery market leading up to 2023. The restrictions and challenges of Covid-19 accelerated the timeline of these predictions by nearly 3 years and third party delivery applications rapidly became critical to the survival of many businesses. In the US, the 4 leading delivery apps that makeup 97% of the market, more than doubled their total revenue compared to 2019.  Increased...

The fun craft of building a shot

I am primarily a videographer with over 13 years of experience. Photography interested me because there is only one frame to tell a story. I prefer staged photos because I get absolute control over every detail. My favorite part of photography is the fun craft that can be used to build a shot. All of my backgrounds, rigging, and staging tools were made in my garage. " OCUS posts tons of food photography jobs. These are a lot of fun because I get to...

"The final image is fully in my hands."

I have been a photographer since 2011. I specialize in food photography and am also an interior photographer and wedding videographer. I always feel excited behind the camera capturing the image and motion and when sitting in front of a computer and viewing my work. For me, a good photo is a combination of lighting, composition, props, and food styling. I feel there is no boundary between the photographer and the food. I can stare at it for as...

“You do not take a photograph, you make them”

I have been doing photography for 15 years. I specialize in taking portraits and real estate photos, my favorite quote about photography is :”you do not take a photograph, you make it.” My work often focuses on social and humanitarian issues. My photographic essay on Tibetan refugee children, On the Other Side of the Himalayas, has been exhibited widely in Asia. I recently earned my Master’s in Digital Photography from New York’s...

Every photoshoot is a new challenge.

I am a freelance photographer based in Los Angeles, California. I have been shooting assignments for creative agencies and private clients for over 20 years. I truly enjoy the creative process and the new challenges every photography project brings. "I try to rely on my own experiences and those of local photographers." Any tips for today? According to my experience, an effective packshot photo brings attention to a product. Just like a...

It's all about creativity...

Originally from Belgium and now living in Arizona, I currently have six years of experience photographing businesses and people. Each day I'm discovering different cultures and connect with clients in a creative way... "Listen to what each client has to say, each person has their own story so make sure you can hear it in person." With OCUS I can be both creative and deliver consistent and qualitative visual. The team gives me flexibility on when...

A different tomorrow. Interview with Thibaud Lemonnier, CEO at OCUS.

Through its Charter, OCUS pledges to promote social dialogue, collective governance, fair price, and social protections for freelance photographers - a balanced model that will sustain self-employed photographers around the world. Thibaud Lemonnier, co-founder and CEO of OCUS, introduces us to the OCUS vision. What vision does OCUS have for the future of photography? Images are at the heart of our daily lives. They inform us, move us, embark us...

No bird soars too high...if it soars with insured wings.

As William Blake once said, “no bird soars too high, if it soars with its own wings”... It is no secret that every professional endeavour widely known to man comes with its personal baggage known as risks; whether it's the sort of risk that leaves you at a loss, vulnerable or just plain angry, one plans for the best, while possibly expecting the worst.  Our image creators facing the field For image creators i.e. photographers, and...