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4 Reasons to Amplify Your Digital Brand with the World’s Best Network of Image Creators

Marketplaces across every vertical are becoming more and more digital. In a world where screens are replacing storefronts, are you sure you have the right team to produce the on-brand product imagery you need to succeed?  According to Salesforce, 88 percent of customers expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives due to COVID-19, and 68 percent say the pandemic has elevated their expectations of companies’ digital capabilities. Aligning...

Virtual Tours: The Next Must-Have Selling Tool for Real Estate

In major markets across the globe, the housing market has remained resilient despite the impacts of the pandemic. Low interest rates, demand exceeding supply, and governmental aid continue to drive housing prices up. However, with local restrictions and safety measures in place for a majority of 2020, agents had to be creative in showcasing properties. Companies ramped up their use of photos and videos to engage and sell. RightMove, one of the UK’s...

The 3 Visual Strategies Every Tourism Marketer Needs to Know Now

Travel is coming back, fueled by wider availability of vaccines and pent-up demand from leisure travelers. Though the degree of recovery varies from country to country, overall domestic summer travel is poised for a major boom.  Is your company ready? It goes without saying that many would-be travelers, especially those who have been on lock down and isolated for much of the past year, certainly are. The next inspiring travel image they see,...

Ramping Up Your Visual Marketing Strategy as Traveler Needs Evolve

Although the pandemic ground tourism to a virtual halt, we never stopped dreaming about travel. Now, as more and more of us are vaccinated, we’re beginning to book trips again. Since last April, domestic travel searches on Expedia have far outpaced international searches. But by early November, with positive news about forthcoming vaccines, international searches picked up. Even in Europe, despite vaccine delays, travelers are optimistic about a...

Perfecting the Pivot: How Custom Photography Enhances Your Digital Grocery Strategy

In my previous post, Food Delivery Trends in 2021 That Will be Opportunities, I touched on how food delivery platforms were starting to dip their toes into new verticals, including grocery. This comes as no surprise as online grocery shopping has also witnessed explosive growth. Online grocery sales rose 54% in 2020 and sales are expected to exceed 100 billion dollars in 2021. Brands such as Instacart, Target, Tesco, and HappyFresh continue to...

OCUS Boosts Revenue in 19 Countries in 4 Weeks

OCUS™  is the proud partner of a food delivery platform that has risen to become a top market leader around the world. Initially, the organization had created strong brand awareness and a loyal customer base in the US. Once the brand achieved domestic success they set out to expand internationally. Their next stop: Europe. The Problem Just months after announcing plans to triple its workforce throughout Europe, the brand faced a significant...

Spotting Two Super Bowl Ads with the Same Stock Clip Underscores the Value of Custom Imagery

Watching Super Bowl ads is a hallowed American tradition, almost on par with watching the Big Game itself. For advertisers vying for attentive eyeballs, the goal is to tap into emotion with unique creative that, among other things, authentically reflects a brand’s identity.  Seeing Double  While advertisers typically steer clear of using stock imagery in high-profile Super Bowl spots, eagle-eyed viewers of this year’s game caught the same...

Food Delivery Trends and Opportunities in 2021

Prior to 2020, forecasts predicted exponential growth in the food delivery market leading up to 2023. The restrictions and challenges of Covid-19 accelerated the timeline of these predictions by nearly 3 years and third party delivery applications rapidly became critical to the survival of many businesses. In the US, the 4 leading delivery apps that makeup 97% of the market, more than doubled their total revenue compared to 2019.  Increased...

Why great photos are a lifeline for your business success on Google?

Every day there are 3.5 Billion Google searches, nearly half are searches for a nearby business or service. OCUS partners with companies to create great photos of banks, retailers, car dealerships and restaurants. These photos are key for businesses to succeed in local Google searches. Marketing folks understand SEO, but most don’t understand how authentic, local photos help them stand out on Google to attract, engage and win...

What Drives Engagement on Social Media?

Publishing content on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter is a powerful and economical way to complement traditional motivational drivers such as word-of-mouth and reviews. During the Covid-19 worldwide crisis, people have spent way more time online therefore their buying habits have changed, businesses had to keep up with their online presence while marketing budget was...