Alfonso Blanco Santos is from Oviedo, Spain. He’s been taking pictures for almost a decade. But it was only the past few years when he started developing personal projects and pouring out his insides through images. Photography is his language. It allows him to express himself in ways that he wouldn’t be able to find with words.
His work in photography is meant to give visibility to the topics that surround him such as his emotions, sexuality, gender, relationships and fantasy.

Sexuality’s exploration from inside out. From within my head to outside of the closet. From in to out of my ass.

The aim of this project is to explore my sexuality through photographic language. With an expressive and aesthetic perspective that illustrates the different stages of the discovery of a sexuality outside of the Heterosexual Matrix imposed, as well as all the changes in the process.

The aim is to show with delicacy and intimacy one sexual orientation socially invisibilized; and personally underestimated and ignored. With a mysterious and dreamy approach, shrouded in sweetness and delicacy, the subject shows the difficulty to find their own place. The incongruity of the dichotomy of the sexual orientation, fleeting from binarism, seeking to fit in knowingly mistaken references and falling in the mischievous hegemony. Fighting the way out of the heteronorm.

To construct and deconstruct. Build your own identity and deconstruct the previous one. To deconstruct is not to destroy. The fear to the unknown, to the new. How revolutionary is what you didn’t know and finally winds up being “not so special”. Late everydayness. This series is born from a doubt, from curiosity and it keeps developing little by little into a revelation, a sign of an identity. A portrait.