Caroline Arnoult started with a classic combo of painting and drawing classes. After her arts studies, her interest in the audiovisual arts pushed her to train in special effects for the movie and the theater industries. As she worked on movie sets and for photo studios, she gained an interest in photography. In photography, she found the perfect means to express her sweet poetic and out of time universe.

The creation of my photographic series “Personal Structures” is part of my desire to approach the melting pot of urban cultures that surrounds me on a photographic support with the different creative techniques I have learned since my childhood (painting, sculpture, modeling and photography). Through the representation of the alliance that is formed between these different mediums – between these formal vocabularies, the plaster of the sculpture begins to dialogue with photography. The process gets to a point of hybridization that makes them inseparable. Here, the plaster is a representation of the bitumen of our urban spaces. The same urban spaces where our fashion accessories and connected objects (iPhone, sneakers, caps, clothing, jewelry) play a major role.They become social signifiers, codes, symbols or even markers of differences in a context of globalization and overconsumption. They are a distinctive sign that associates the individual who wears it with a group or social class. The group through which individual customs and culture are reflected.