16 years ago, Gwenaël Bollinger was 30 when something cliked and made him start taking pictures. A passion was born! He started feeling a visceral need to express himself. And a little more than ten years ago, he knew he had to make it his job. He sees photography as a means to turn emotions, sensations, atmospheres, colors, moods, wishes… into pictures. To him, it is a wonderful way to go beyond mere appearences, to give himself over completely. Water flows all over his work. It drips, streams, stagnates, pours, springs… When asked about it, he explains that it is life, with its ups and downs. And that life is not a long quiet river. Cities also fascinate him. To him, they are energy and geometry. They offer small pleasures for every hour of the day and night. Their lights and atmospheres seem like an infinity of movie scenes in his eyes. He sees magic in photography. As if all the elements fell into place for just a moment.

This Léman series was shot in two sessions (Febuary 2014 and April 2015) along the Swiss banks of the Léman Lake, from Lausanne to Montreux. I fell in love with the majestic lake – its banks, its sweet life, its sea feeling, its infinity… These places make me dream… Alternating episodes of green fields and concrete… I felt the desire to play with the lake and its surroundings: people taking a walk, basking in the sun… People who, like me, appreciate this quiet, this peacefulness, this serenity. A first photograph, called Interstice, made me want continue this series, to play with the aesthetics of the place. I wanted to seize the moment, as if the elements naturally fell into place before my eyes. Playing with light, shadows, composing with the present moment. Edward Hopper’s work has always inspired me. I like his artistic sensibility to atmospheres, colors and composition. His scenes of everyday life may seem mundane, but ultimately they are very rich in meaning.