Louis Piquemil is a fashion photographer based in Paris. He spent 3 years studying photography at a photography school and won a prize for his final project. During his studies, he discovered a passion for staging and more particularly, for transcribing atmospheres and emotions through his work with light. In 2017, he decided to extend his creative process to the moving image and started to work as a video clip director.

The human being, questions about existence, the passing of time, these are themes that I am especially sensitive to. Based on this observation, I decided to make a series of photographs staged in intimate places – bedrooms. They are places where we are alone, where the masks come off. Throughout my work, I approach multiple themes about life by staging by staging people who have already experienced the scene in which they appear as a character. Those moments when everything stops, as if frozen in a setting that turns the sad reality into a theater. Loneliness, sickness, dementia, alcoholism… Moments we already know. Or at least moments that we could all experience one day.
Life moments where everything could shift in the next scene. Will the old lady pull the trigger or will she pull herself together? Will the sick man die or will he recover from cancer? An end to the story that only the viewer can choose, depending on their own personal stories and feelings.