A few years ago Nick Linnett had the opportunity to go back to University and take a degree in photography. It turned out to be an excellent decision! He now makes a living taking photographs of interesting people, fascinating places and tasty food. Apart from his commercial work, he also uses photography as a means of exploring his surroundings and the way they are changing. He is often inspired by the most ordinary things – subjects that most people would never notice. He likes to make photographs that ask questions and to experiment with different ways of using the camera to do it. He tries to produce images that contain illusions and emotion as well as facts and details.

I am a freelance photographer living and working in Leicester (in the UK) a city which is currently undergoing many changes to its architecture and landscape. There are many new buildings appearing and also changes to more historic parts of the city – many of these seem to happen without any consultation or input from the people who live and work here.

This ongoing body of work is a reflection of these ongoing and sometimes quite dramatic changes not only to the shape and colours of the city but also to its character. For this body of work I have used in camera multiple exposures to capture both the new buildings and the original architecture of Leicester. I decided to use this more abstract style to draw attention to what is happening and to ask viewers to look again at their surroundings and consider how they feel about these developments.

The abstract style also reflects the unplanned and random way that these changes to our buildings and surroundings seem to happen.

Incorporating more than one view of a place into a single frame made me look harder at my surroundings – I hope it does the same for the people who look at these images.