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product photography

How did we break the Product Vision Paradox?

We did it! I am proud to say that at OCUS, we now have a Product Vision for the next three years. It may not be perfect (yet), but at least we know where we are heading, and it changes everything for Engineering. First, let's backup Ten years ago, I discovered Product Management and fell in love with this new job. It brought me closer to the spirit of being an entrepreneur and building digital product. Learning how to become the best Product...

3 Photography Trends To Make Your Products Stand Out

Quality images of your product not only help your brand maintain a strong visual identity and create a captivating story, but also play a big part in expanding your reach, driving conversion, and turning your website browsers into buyers. The bar has been raised in terms of visual content expectations. As consumers have an endless array of options regarding their next purchase, it is essential to stay up to date with current photography trends in...

How Custom Imagery May Become an Essential Ingredient for the Online Grocery Segment to Stay Competitive

If you live in Paris, London, New York City, or practically any other major urban center, you’ve probably learned to share the sidewalk, begrudgingly or not, with more and more bikes and scooters shuttling groceries to online shoppers. Stocking up for the week with groceries purchased online – and even pulling together ingredients for a same-day meal – is shifting from pandemic-era necessity to habit.  The past year has seen explosive growth...

Why Winning the Q-Commerce Race Takes High-Quality Images

It’s all about being fast. Customer expectations for speedy online product delivery increased sharply during the pandemic. One- and two-day delivery times, the standard set by companies like Amazon, are no longer cutting it. Today’s consumers want their products delivered the same day, if not within 30 minutes after ordering. Delivery brands are lining up to meet this expectation by leveraging local warehouses and nimble two-wheeled delivery...