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Breaking Barriers and Embracing Inclusivity in Tech

1. What made you interested in tech? Leela: I didn’t necessarily choose to be in tech. I have always had an affinity for computers and technology. In high school, I took a computer science class that I really enjoyed, but my academic career led me to psychology and behavioral economics. Through this route, I ended up as a UX researcher here at OCUS. Coley: I grew up in the Silicon Valley in California, so I saw firsthand the opportunities...

How did we break the Product Vision Paradox?

We did it! I am proud to say that at OCUS, we now have a Product Vision for the next three years. It may not be perfect (yet), but at least we know where we are heading, and it changes everything for Engineering. First, let's backup Ten years ago, I discovered Product Management and fell in love with this new job. It brought me closer to the spirit of being an entrepreneur and building digital product. Learning how to become the best Product...

What's in a term? A terminology standardization process

Let's set the scene: I'm brand new as the first Product Documentalist at a promising scale-up. As I attend trainings and initial meetings, I hear a million terms (to be expected). It didn't take long for me to realize, however, that different departments used different terms to refer to the same thing, plus a single term could sometimes refer to different things for different people. We discussed over a dozen terms during this iteration. For the...